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When it comes to amazing designs, Vizio TV has the answer to your questions. Vizio is well known for its unique designs among TV manufacturers across the globe. Not only design but Vizio TV is also proud of its wonderful picture quality. This article covers things you might need to know about TV mount screw size Vizio.

This TV product could be mounted to a stand or mount to the wall. These are common mounting methods of smart TVs. I have witnessed scenarios whereby people pay some workers to mount TV they newly purchased. Either to the wall or to a TV stands in the house.

Meanwhile, nothing is wrong with you mounting your devices to a place of your choice. This may be a costly job if you can mount it on your own. You need to pay someone to mount TV for you.

This is not bad, but what happens when you need to change the position of your TV set. Are you going to hire someone again to mount it for you? Definitely NO, therefore you need to have an idea on TV Mount Screw Size Vizio.

You can learn how to mount the TV on a stand yourself and save some money. It is an easy job, and we have got all the details for you in this article.

What Size Screws Do I Need to Mount a Vizio TV?

Screw sizes differ from one another. TV sizes require different sizes of screws to mount your TV set either to the wall or on the stand. Wall mounting bracket need an M4 screw. On the other hand, the length of the screw is determined by the mounting bracket and the thickness.

Vizio TV Mounting Screw Sizes

As we mentioned earlier in the article, TV sizes determine the screw sizes as well. This part of the article will list out some of the best Vizio TV mounting screw sizes.

Top SizeBasic Major (inch)Basic Major (mm)
M 10 x 1.50.393710
M 8 x 1.00.31508
M8 x 1.250.31508
M6 x 1.00.23626

How Big are M 8 Screws?

This part of the Mounting TV Screw sizes will talk about the metric clearance and tapping drill hole sizes.

Screw SizeTapping Drill (standard pitch in mm)Clearance Hole (mm)
M 108.511
M 86.759
M 65.06.5
M 54.25.5

What Screws for Vizio TV Stand?

M8 Screws for Samsung TV M 8 x 45 mm TV Mounting Bolts Screws for Samsung TV with 25mm Long Spacers could function very well.

In other to get the best screw for your Vizio TV, you may need to buy the Replacement Screws Stand Screws for Vizio VO320E.

Another one in the group is the WALI Universal TV Mounting Hardware Kit Set which includes M4 M5 M6 M8 TV Screws and Spacer Fit Most TVs up to 80 inches (UVSP), Black.

How to Mount Vizio TV to A Stand?

Vizio TV has many designs and sizes. It also comes in various types which are readily available in the market. In that case, we will group them into two in terms of stand type.

Vizio has P-series, V-series, D-series and M-series TVs that have the same two-piece stand. Therefore, they have the same mounting process. On the other hand, the OLED TVs have a single-piece stand.

These types of stands have different mounting processes on Vizio TV. In that regard, this part of the article will cover both mounting processes on TV mount screw size Vizio.

Vizio TV One Piece Stand Mounting Process

This method covers the mounting of a Vizio TV to a one-piece stand with a baseplate. As mentioned above, these are the groups of the OLED TVs produced by Vizio TV

Step 1====> First, you need to bring out your TV from the carton, place it on a smooth flat clean table.

Step 2====> Gently place the TV screen on a soft clean surface

Step 3====> Now slide the baseplate of the stand into the slot given for the stand. The arrow given on the base plate needs to be pointing to the front of the TV so you know which way to put the stand on.

Step 4====> Now, you need to put the four screws into the base-plate

Step 5====> Then, screw them with the right screwdriver. By so doing, you will firmly attach the stand to the base of the Vizio TV.

Step 6====> Stand the TV in an upright position and see how the stand is holding. If the screws are tightened perfectly, then you will have no problems.

Once you are able to complete the process to the end, you should be able to mount your new Vizio TV mount screw size vizio.

Vizio TV Series Mounting Process: TV Mount Screw Size Vizio

This part will cover the TV series as mentioned above in the article. These TVs have a specific stand that consists of two pieces. Each of the pieces attaches to one side (left and right) on the bottom of the TV.

Without wasting much of our time, we will quickly cover every step you need to follow in other to mount your Vizio TVs series.

Step 1 ====> First, you need to bring out your TV from the carton, place it on a smooth flat clean table.

Step 2 ====> Gently place the TV screen on a soft clean surface

Step 3 ====> You need to carefully place the stand inside the holder near the bottom of the TV. Though, each of the stands has two screw holes. Once inside and lined up with the screw holes of the TVs, you can attach the screws.

Step 4 ====> Make sure you screwed the screw tightly to the TV stand holder, the lift the TV back. Try to move the holder, this is to confirm you screwed the screw tightly

Step 5 ====> Place the TV on a table or anywhere else. Make sure that the surface your TV sits on is flat. Otherwise, the TV may topple and fall.

NOTE: Be sure to check your box for screws and the two pieces of stands at the time of purchase. Ask for the screws from your seller if they are not in the box

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Do TVs Come with Mounting Screws?

This comes with various TV, some TVs come with mounting screws while some are not. It is now depending on the TV product you are planning to buy.

You need to check the TV carton to be sure you have a mounting screw or not. But you can easily buy mounting screws from shops.

What Screws Do I Need to Mount a 65 inch TV?

You want to use size M8 / 45 mm screws on both holes. The metal mount should not touch the back of the TV but touch the spacers. This is proper and correct for the nu8000 (65inch and probably the others). This is the CORRECT way and length.

Is it Safe and Secure to Mount a 65 inch TV?

No, it is not safe. While the above is a perfectly fine bracket, Samsung TVs are among the legions that comply with VESA standards and can be mounted with any VESA compatible TV wall mount. So, if you’re looking for a fully articulating full-motion TV mount, knock yourself out.

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