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LG TV Stand Screw Size

Mounting LG TV is simple and straightforward provided you know what to do and how to do it. Once you know what to do, you can walk to TV accessory shops to buy an LG TV bracket or Stand or mount. These wall mounts are the perfect fit for your TV. Meanwhile, you need to consider the LG TV stand screw size you need to install your TV.

Most of the time, screw usually comes with the pack. These include the screw needed to fix TV to the mount and as well screw needed to attach the mount to the wall.

On the other hand, your product may not come with a screw set. You may also misplace the screw that comes with your LG TV set. Then, you need another set of screws to fix your TV to the wall bracket and as well install the wall bracket to the wall.

In case you want to install your TV and don’t know what stand screw size you need. Then, you are very lucky as you land yourself here. Just keep reading as we explore LG TV stand screw size in detail in the article.

LG TV Stand Screw Size

Most, users believe in longer and bigger screws. But before we move on. We must know that TV size determines the size of the screw is used.

Most LG TV models make use of M6 screw size to mount the TV to the wall. Other models make use of M8, M5 or M4 screw sizes.

Does Screw Size for Wall Mount Change with LG TV Size?

Yes, definitely. The manufacturer produces LG TV stand screw size to securely fix the TV. Therefore, TV sizes make use of different screw sizes. If you use the wrong TV mounts screw, you may likely damage your TV.

One more thing, the correct size of the screw to be used depends on the type of LG TV mount you buy. TV size and TV mount are what determine the screw size you need to mount your TV to the wall via TV wall mount.

LG TV Sizes and Screw Sizes

Screen Size (inches)Screw Size (M)VESA (mm)
40 – 888400 × 400 or More
30 – 406200 × 200
23 – 294100 × 200
19 – 224100 x 100
Less than 19’’475 x 75

Find out What Screw Size is Needed for LG TV Mount

Your LG TV set is now ready, you have your screwdriver set and a wall mount is also available. Yet, you don’t know what LG TV Stand screw size you need for the mounting. There are several ways to assess exactly what screw size you will need to mount your LG TV with confidence.

Size Chart: A size chart is used to determine the screw size to use provided you know the dimension of your television set. 

Buy the Kit: Another thing to use is the LG TV mount screw kit. It is known as an all-in-one LG TV Mount Screw Kit. It is available on Amazon, it is also guaranteed to work with any television and mount.

TV Manual: When you buy a TV, definitely, you will get the manual. Go through the manual, you will see clearly and boldly written the exact size of the screws you will need for mounting. 

Measure: Last but not least here is measurement. This method is great if you lost the manufacturer manual. You can take the measurement by yourself using a pencil to see how far the screw has to go, make sure also you add the depth of the mounting bracket.

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LG TV Mount Screw Size

Find the Depth or Length of the Screw you Need

In other to take the depth or length of the LG TV stand screw size, you need to follow this simple process. You can purchase a Universal TV to Wall Bracket Screw Kit and have all the screws needed including spacers and washers. The screw that holds the mounting bracket to the TV should have at least 5mm of threads into the TV to hold it secure.

You can make use of a pencil, a single broom or a toothpick. Then place it into the screw hole to find a rough estimate of the depth or length of screw needed. This is called a manual process, hope you understand. Be sure you add the depth or thickness of the TV mounting bracket when finding the correct screw length

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