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Ceiling TV Mount

Most common way to mount TV is mounting to the wall. This is not bad at all, but what of if there is no wall? Will you be able to mount TV? Yes! Sure, you will mount TV by using ceiling TV mount.

This is (mount TV ceiling) where you don’t have access to wall. It is also use when you decide to mount your TV to the ceiling. In the case, ceiling TV bracket is recommended.

Therefore, this article will cover complete step-by-step guide to mount TV to ceiling TV stand. In other to explore the details process in the article. Keep reading as you will enjoy the process to the end.

Where to Get Ceiling TV Mount

Just like you buy your TV set from shops, company and many other places. You can as well buy ceiling TV bracket at shops, company and other places where TV accessories are been sold.

One thing you must keep in mind before you buy ceiling TV stand. You need to check the label specifications to make sure the mount is compatible with your TV.

Once you get it, with little simple tools, little effort from you if you and extra hands, you should be able to mount your TV to a ceiling TV mount.

If you can, then you need to assistance of the professional. At this time, you need to pay for their services. But the cost will not be too much money. This has to do with your negotiating skills. After that, start enjoying a ceiling mounted TV

How to Mount TV to a Ceiling TV Bracket

Now that you have bough your Ceiling TV Stand, it is time to mount your TV to the ceiling using the ceiling mounting materials. The processes are in stages, so we will take it accordingly.

Assemble the Ceiling TV Stand

Assemble the Ceiling Mounting Plate

Finishing Mounting the TV

Assemble the Ceiling TV Stand

What you need to mount your TV usually come with the TV set. If not with is, you can get them from the shop or retailers. Local shops also sell the mounting materials.

Other materials you may likely see in the cotton of your TV are fasteners, Allen wrenches, and washers. So you need to check if these materials are available before shopping for ceiling TV mount materials. Therefore, to be able to assemble ceiling TV bracket. You need, a ceiling TV mount, a drill (and drill bits), fasteners (like screws), a ladder, a screwdriver, a socket wrench, a stud finder and a TV set.

Check Mounting Slot at the Back of the TV

TV brands have specific mounting slot or slot placement. Most of the time, the slot take a rectangular or square shape or pattern. 

You must be sure of the slot pattern before assembling the mount so as not to encounter problem or issue while fixing it to the TV. Mounting slots usually have a recessed area with threading for the mounting screws.

There may be a few slots at the back of your TV. If you have difficulty telling which ones are for fastening the mount, look up this information in the TV instructional manual.

Fix the Mounting Bracket through the Slot to the Back of the TV

You have checked it properly. That is great. By now you will discover that ceiling TV mount is a long metal, pieces with screw holes.

Now, you need to position the bracket, such that, the screw holes align with the mounting slots at the back of the TV. Now you need to make use of the fasteners that came with the wall mount to attach both brackets.

NOTE: You need to put a washer on the screw before using it to fasten the bracket to the TV. You must know that ceiling mounts has different fasteners (different sizes) for different component. Therefore, tightening the fasteners to TV brackets must evenly aligned. If uneven, your TV may end up being mounted crooked.

Check if the TV mounting brackets Attached Firmly 

You have screwed everything correctly, then move your hand free on the bracket. Both the bracket should be firmly attached to the TV. Once again, tighten the TV mounting screws. 

Be thorough when tightening the mounting screws. Loose screws or poorly fastened ones could cause your TV to pull free of its mount over time.

Fix other Ceiling TV Mount Part

On you need to do is to make sure all other part are added correctly. Some TV mount has lightweight metal pole attached to the top or bottom to provide more support. Other may provide part fastened between the bracket. The middle part is often intended for either support or to allow the TV to tilt or swivel.

Assemble the Ceiling Mounting Plate

This is the second stage in the process. Here you are to fasten the Ceiling Mounting Plate. This process is making sure the mounting plate is in good other. Here is how to go about this:

Locate Studs in your Ceiling

This is the position you want to mount your TV. You need to set the ladder you want to use to the position correctly. Now, time to make use of stud finder and climb the ladder until you can reach the ceiling. Then, use the stud finder to find stud by passing it back and forth. Once you get your studs, mark the location with pencil or other materials.

NOTE: Before you climb your ladder, be sure it is very stable. This is to secure your safety If you are unable to install ceiling mount to the studs, it is not a good thing. In ability to mount ceiling TV stand on studs could pull free of the ceiling and cause injury or damage to your TV or home.

Drill a Hole in the Ceiling for the TV Wires 

Next action is to drill a hole on the ceiling. This is to provide room to feed wires through which you provide power to the TV. This process makes it clean and tidy. You could run wires from a wall outlet to the TV.

Mark the Placement of the Ceiling Mount

This process is to correctly mark out the position where you want to install the ceiling mount. You need to hold the ceiling stand to the ceiling at the exact location you wanted to install it. Once you pace it properly, mark the position with marker or pencil depending on available materials.

Fasten the Ceiling Mount

Now it is time to fasten the Ceiling mount to the ceiling studs. In this case, you need to make use of the drill to screw the ceiling mounting plate into the ceiling studs.

In some cases, mount may need bolt to properly fasten them. Then, you need to use a socket wrench to tighten the plate firmly into place on the ceiling.  

Finishing Mounting the TV

Now, we are about to complete the project. This is the final stage in the process of mounting TV to the ceiling using ceiling TV mount.

Assemble the Mounting Plate Extension

Mount normally have an arm or hanger that descends from the ceiling, this help in mount process. TV mounting stand attach to this extension with fasteners.

Now, you need to connect the extension to the mounting plate with the fasteners that came with your mount.

Attach the TV Mounting Brackets to the Extension 

Now, you are almost complete. You need someone to help you out here. Holding TV to a ceiling TV mount could be difficult for one person. That is the reason you need someone.

Your friend or son could hold the TV up to the extension and use the fasteners that came with the mount to secure the TV in place. It can help to half fasten a few screws before tightening them all the way. This will help keep the bracket holes aligned with the corresponding holes on the extension or mounting plate.

Check the Stability of the TV 

When the mount is fully assembled and the TV is in place. Touch the TV to see how stable it is. If it is firm while touching, then you have done a great job. If otherwise, tighten the fasteners.

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Conclusion on Ceiling TV Mount

Now you have just completed the installation of TV using the ceiling TV mount process. This process is adopted when there is no wall or you feel like hanging it to the ceiling. The process is very simple, then you can start it and enjoy the TV mounted to the ceiling.

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