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flat screen tv mount bracket

Flat-screen TV has been in the market for a while then is a great idea to know the best flat screen TV mounts for your new TV. If you don’t get the right TV mount, you may not really enjoy what you have.

When it comes to thinking of the right Flat TV stand to choose from, it is always hard to pick the best. The best always give the best when it comes to positioning.

As mentioned, using the right wall TV stand has a lot to do with getting the best out of your flat screen TV. It is believed, various ways are used to place TV screens in the house, either in the room, sitting room or any other place.

Meanwhile, one of the best ways is by handing a flat screen TV using Flat Screen TV Mounts. Then, if you need to know what type or size of flat screen wall stand bracket you need for your TV. You are at the right place. 

In that regard, through this article. We shall be looking at various means to wall mount an OLED TV, LED TV, and or plasma TV.

We will also run through a few wall TV mount reviews and what you need to consider before you buy a flat screen mounts.

Choosing a Mount by TV Screen Size

Now in our quest in the article, we will run through the process to choose flat screen TV mount by using the TV screen size.

TV Brackets are designed for a particular TV screen size, therefore it is a good idea to use the right TV mount for the right TV size. If you can’t the real size but you can lay your hand on the common range size for your TV.

Take a look at this example; a 22-40 inches TV may use the same TV wall bracket. All you need to do is check to confirm the TV screen size you have before buying flat screen TV mounts.

In case you are not sure of the size of your TV, do what we call manual measurements to determine the size. It is very simple to go about. After that, you should have an idea of the range size of the TV mount to buy.

Consider TV Weight before Buying Flat Screen TV Mount

You need to consider the weight of your TV before buying TV wall mounts. It will be a very good idea to get maximum supported weight and the available VESA patterns for a mount.

TV wall mounts are designed by the manufacturer to support the maximum weight. In that case, you need to place a high priority on this aspect before you buy flat screen mounts.

Once you miss this aspect, you are likely to get your TV set damaged. Once the TV weight is higher than the strength of the wall mount. The tendency for its TV wall mount to get damaged is high thereby prone to destroy your flat screen TV.

Then, you don’t want to buy a TV wall mount that will not be able to carry the weight of your TV set. So if you go for a TV mount that can’t support the weight of your TV. You may come out in the morning seen your expensive TV damaged.

It is therefore good to buy a TV stand that can support the weight of your TV. If your TV weight is 40 pounds, you are not expected to buy a wall mount that will only support 40 pounds. You should buy a bracket that will support 60 pounds.

Consider the Type of Wall

One more thing here is the wall type you are mounting your TV bracket. If you have a concrete wall, almost every flat screen TV mounts will be fine.

One thing you need now is the right fitting materials for the wall type of mounts you desires. Some manufacture added fitting material while some will not. On the other hand, some manufacture will send the fitting materials for free if you contact them.

Guide to Buy TV Wall Mounts

No matter type of flat TV screen you have, most of the TV wall mounts is suitable for it. But then, you need to put a few things into consideration before you buy any of the TV wall mounts. Among things you must consider are:

====> What type of flat screen wall mount you will like to have in your home {room(s), sitting room}

====> You need to decide type before you visit any shop, this is as a result of many mounts are available in the market for hanging flat panel TV

Type of Flat Screen TV Wall Brackets

In general, this could be grouped into three major groups. Each of the mounts has its merits and demerits. In that case, this part of the article will look at these groups and list out differences between them.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

In simple language, it looks like a simple profile wall mount stand. These wall mounts can be tilted up and down while attached to the wall. What that means is that you will be able to tilt the flat TV screen up and down to suit your purpose.

The tilting angle is usually around 15-degrees in both directions. This may vary as a result of model or manufacture.

The difference is the ability to tilt the screen up or down while it is in a fixed position on the wall. The ability to adjust the vertical angle of the screen gives an advantage in many situations.

Articulating TV Wall Mount: Flat Screen TV Mounts

The next in this group is the articulating TV wall mount. This type of wall mounts gives more room for flexibility. Mostly, when it comes to changing the position of your TV screen. This wall mount gives room for a wide range of movement.

This type of wall mounts ranges from a simple pivot mount that gives room for movement from left to right. Unlike the tilting TV wall mount, this allows the screen to be pulled away from the wall as well as angled up and down.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

The last in the group is the fixed TV wall mount. This is normally referred to as the most common type of TV wall mount. In many situations is what you need.

People usually called it a flat or low-profile TV wall mount. When you make use of this type of wall mount, your TV will be placed close to the wall without sticking out into the room.

This can make the most of the thin depth of your TV. Just make sure you allow for enough room to install cables behind the TV.

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How to Choose a Flat Screen TV Mounts

We have covered most of what you need to have in mind before you buy a TV wall mount. This part will stand as a recap of what we covered in the article.

Weight of TV, you must be sure that the wall mounts will support the weight of your TV, though you need to gut wall mount that will carry the weight of your TV.

We also mentioned Mount Type. You need to decide on the type of flat screen TV mounts you want to use. But we group them into 3-major types (Tilting, Articulate and Fixed)

Not only that, we also cover wall type. You must not under-rate the value of the wall before you buy your TV wall mount. You must check the wall you are to install your wall mount

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