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Wall Mount TV Stand

Are you tired of hanging your Apple TV devices through a cord? Are you tired of dusting Apple tv at all times? Then, you need to hide your TV using any of the Apple TV Wall Mount TV Stand in this article.

As we know, Apple is one of the leading smart TV in the market, it is also expensive. In that sense, it is a good idea to make use of the right mount TV stand.

What is an Apple TV?

Apple tv is one of the best TVs you could talk about. It is a small, compatible streaming box. With no big deal, you could hang the box to any location and start watching your favourite shows like Ted Lasso or The Morning Show.

Another important thing about the TV box is the ability to control your Apple TV using your iPhone. Not only that, a lot of users looking for a permanent space-saving solution. Wall mounts for the Apple TV make for a good pick.

Best Wall Mount TV Stand for Apple TV

Without wasting much time, this part of the article will run through a few different types of the most used Apple TV wall mount stand. In other to explore this Mount Stand, you need to read through the whole article.

TotalMount for Apple TV 4

TotalMount for Apple TV 4 is a great one to use when you have a small space at the back of your TV. All you need to do is swap out old and new Apple TVs without any problem with the help of adjustable clips.

You are to attach the mount through the available vents at the back of your Apple TV using hooks provided by TotalMount.

To set it up is very easy. When you are ready to change your tv, you only need to re-attach the Wall Mount TV Stand. On the other hand, you can make use of the two-sided adhesive to attach to any surface, or screws to attach to the wall.

To my surprise, everything you need in the package is TotalMount for Apple TV 4. In addition to Apple TV 4, this TotalMount is also compatible with Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3.

PINOWU TV Mount: Wall Mount TV Stand

The Pinowu TV Mount brings a double advantage over the table. This has a wall-mount for the Applet TV as well holder for the remote. It has an amazing silicone body of the remote holder offers a good grip.

PINOWU TV Mount is small, it also fits the Apple TV 4th Gen and 4K variants. You will be able to mount using screws or double-sided adhesive tapes.

HIDEit Apple TV 4 Mount: Wall Mount TV Stand

HIDEit Apple TV 4 mount is made of high standard materials. In that case, it has the tendency to withstand high pressure no matter several times you remove and replace Apple TV on it.

Not only that, this mounting stand can be attached to the wall in any direction. This is a great one to use when having difficulty with the cord. HIDEit Apple TV 4 mount make use of the provided drywall anchors and screws.

Another important thing to note about the stand is that it makes use of a Bluetooth connection to communicate with its remote. In that regard, you can hide it at the back of the mount behind your TV. You will not even lose control while using the remote

Adjustable Monitor Top Shelf Wall Mount TV Stand

The adjustable monitor top shelf wall mount TV stand was designed to suit its purpose. Instead of the small squarish mount, this one is a large tray that fits over the top of the TV.

Don’t worry about the tray, it is strong and can hold decent weights. The tray can carry the weight of your Apple TV box, DVD player and even your gaming controller. These are mounts to the TV without any problem. Though it can hold its share of weight, we’d recommend against overburdening it with lots of gadgets.

TotalMount mounting shelf for Apple TV 3

Another wall mount TV stands on the list is the TotalMount mounting shelf for Apple TV 3. This is an amazing wall mount for an older Apple TV.

This stand is very strong and is rotating. It is made of strong adhesives mounting to a rotating bracket. In that sense, you will be able to choose the exact place you want to attach your TV. Either to the back of your TV, hanging down from the shelf of your tv table

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iDLEHANDS Apple TV 4 Mount

Last but not least is the iDLEHANDS Apple TV 4 mount. This wall mount TV stand is a little more durable than other mounts. The durability is a result of rubber attached to its corner edges.

This can be fastened to the wall in any direction. This is a great advantage while having issues with plugging cord direction. You don’t need to worry about what to use, you make use of the drywall anchors and screws provided in the pack


In case you have desired Apple TV wall mount TV stand that are not on this list, you are free to let us know so as to add ii to the list.

We provide the info based on what we have used, we believe many more Apple tv wall mount stand are available in the market.

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