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The best thing is to get the best and right TV mounts for your television. Meanwhile getting the right mounts could be frustrating at times. One thing is sure, by the time you are true with this article. You would have gotten the right articulating TV Wall Mounts. As a matter of fact, the best way to enjoy your big flat-screen TV is by mounting it to the wall.

Full-motion mount, which is commonly called articulating wall mount, is the answer for mounting big-flat screen TV to the wall. Through a full-motion mount, you can tilt, retract, swivel, extend, and even lower your TV.

With this, no matter where you are sitting, you will always get the best seat in the house. In this article, we will list out the best articulating TV wall mounts for small, medium, and large TVs. You will be able to mount your TVs anywhere in the house.

The Best Articulating TV Wall Mounts for 2022

As you are moving toward the end of the Year and at the same time, approaching New Year 2022. It is a good idea to have the knowledge of TV mount you may likely use to mount your TV in the New Year. In that case, this part of the article will run through the best full-motion mount for the TV.

MantelMount MM340: Best TV Mount for Over a Fireplace

First on our list is the MantleMount MM340. This TV wall mount is the best you need when you need to mount it over a fireplace. Though, on a good day, it is not good and advisable to mount your TV above a fireplace.

Sometimes, this must be the only and last option to mount your TV. Then, you need MantelMount MM340, which is the best pull-down TV mount you can get to function well in such a place.

This articulating TV wall mount can extend up to 19 inches from the wall. Not only that, but it can also drop your TV down by 27 inches. Thereby, you will be able to move it in front of the fireplace in your room.

The MantelMount MM340 works with TVs ranging between 44 and 80 inches large. It has the capability to handle weight up to 90 pounds. It can swivel up to 30 degrees in either direction. It can retract back to 5.5 inches away from your wall.

The wall mount was manufactured with 2-gas pistons, which make it easy for anyone in your family to pull down the TV. At the base of the mount is 2-handle, with this. You need not touch your TV screen when you pull down your TV

It is also fabricated with swivel stop, vertical stop, and auto-straightening to ensure your TV never bumps into your mantle or scratches your walls. If you want your TV to be flush with the wall, you can also get the MantleMount Recess Box to make your TV sit 1.8 inches from the wall.

Vemount WD07003: Best Mount for Corners

The only location or place available to mount your TV right now is in the corner of your room. Then you need VemountWD07003.

Vemount TV wall mount was designed to fix TV to the corner in the house. In fact, with this TV wall mount, you will be able to extend your TV 16.5 inches from the wall. It has the ability to handle TV ranges between 32-65 inches large.

VemountWD07003 was specially manufactured and strong enough to handle TV weight up to 99 pounds. In case you have small TV to be mounted with this mounting bracket.

This full-motion mount can swivel your TV up to 45 degrees left or right. In case you have enough space, you can tilt your TV up by 5 degrees and down by 12 degrees.

Sanus VLF628-B1: Best Articulating TV Mount Overall

You have no space now to mount your TV, the only place available in the ceiling. Then you need to lay your hand on Sanus VLF628-B1. This is regarded as the best ceiling TV mount bracket you can use. It is widely used and recommended in the United State of America.

The mount is designed in a way you can tilt TV mounted with one finger. It was also designed with a great cable management system. Not only that but it was also designed to hide your streaming device.

The Sanus MLF13-B is easy to install, and it works with studs that are 16 to 24 inches apart, as well as brick and concrete walls. Using this TV wall mount, you can shift your TV laterally after mounting it.

The VLF628-B1 TV wall mount has the ability to handle larger weight compared to the one mentioned above. It can handle up to 150 pounds. Not only that, it can handle bit TVs ranging between 46 and 90 inches.

You can extend this wall mount up to 28 inches from the ceiling. It sits only3.25-inch away from the wall when retracted. This is considered higher than other mounts in the market. The full-motion mount can tilt up and down by 5/15 degrees like other models, but it only swivels up to 30 degrees to the left or right

Mounting Dream MD2380-24K: Best Mount for Small TVs

Mounting Dream MD2380-24K is a great TV wall mount for a smaller TV. This wall mount is best for TV between 26 to 55 inches. It is one of the best to handle TVs of these sizes. It has a sturdy frame made of cold-formed steel, which makes it stronger than most models at this price.

Mounting Dream MD2380-24K was designed with a 6-arm. It can extend to 15.1 inches from the wall. Thereby allows users to swivel TV up to 45 degrees to the left or right.

This is unlike other budget TV mounts, MD2380-24Kallows users to rotate TV up to 3 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. But you have to use an Allen wrench to tilt your TV up by 5 degrees or down by 15 degrees.

EchoGear EGLF2: Best Mount for Big TVs

This wall mount is specially designed to handle big TVs. In case you have large or big TVs, then you may likely need EchoGear EGLF2. As a matter of fact, is one of the articulating TV wall mounts.

It has the ability to handle TVs ranging between 42 and 90 inches large. It also has the strength to handle weight up to 125 pounds.

This mount works with wall studs that are between 16 and 24 inches apart. It can also be mounted on brick or concrete, but it does not come with the proper hardware.

This can be moved around, it is not that too stiff. It is designed with a knob that lets you change the tilt without an Allen wrench. Using this wall mount, you will be able to swivel up to degrees left or right.

It can be tilted up by 5 degrees and down by 15 degrees. It also extends up to 22 inches away from the wall and retracts to a 2.4-inch low profile.

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Kanto PDX650: Best TV Mount for Cable Management

Last but not least on the list of the best articulating TV wall mounts in the article is Kanto PDX650. This is made to be a clean home theatre bracket you could have.

As a matter of truth, Kanto PDX650 is one of the best full-motion TV mounts you have ever used. It was designed to manage cable well. This mount makes it easy to keep your wires neat and organized behind your TV.

This articulating wall mount works with most TVs that are between 37 to 75 inches large. It has a weight limit of 125 pounds. You can extend your TV up to 21.8 inches from the wall, but when you retract it, your TV will only sit 2 inches away from the wall.

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