Sun. May 14th, 2023
Adjustable TV Wall Mount Bracket

The adjustable TV wall mount is made with universal holes pattern. These holes allow the wall mount to hold TVs between 13 inches and 42 inches. Not only that, the mount has a maximum weight it can carry or accommodate.

You can extend the swiveling arm out to adjust your screen position, making it easy to view your display from numerous angles within the room.

It carries 20 kg and below, any weight more than that is not safe. Therefore we are not recommending mounting TV more than 20 kg on it as it is not safe. As well, it is not a good idea to hang bigger TVs or smaller other than the recommended sizes.

One of the major reasons for using the adjustable TV Wall Mount is that it gives clearance between the wall and the TV mounted to it.

It gives about 14.5 inches, which is a great one. In that case, you have enough space for any other thing like space for the cables that are plugged into the TV.

This space is an amazing one, most especially when your cables are not coming out of your wall directly behind the TV

This TV wall mount is designed bracket for thin TVs. It also has a robust fastening plate and a new tilt system that allows adjusting the angle of -2° to + 12°. Not only that, it has a lateral adjustment of +/- 2° ensures levelling even after hanging the TV.

Features of Adjustable TV Wall Mount

The wall mount TV has the following features that make it stand out among other TV wall mount.

====> The maximum weight is 20 kg, hanging any weight heavier than this is not safe and not recommended

====> This mount supports VES up to 400 X 400 mm

====> It is an amazing bracket for thin TV 13 – 42 inches

====> It has the ability to be mounting on various angles

Adjustable Wall Mount Specification

====> It has about 180° horizontal orientation

====> It has a maximum distance of 14.5 inches from the wall

====> Adjustable TV wall mount dimensions is 170 x 248 x (48-590) mm

====> The wall mount was designed with cable management

====> It has inclination angle of -2° to + 12°

====> Most of the time, it is black in colour

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